Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are You There

We are still here :) It has been a while since I posted! Things are going good with our Frosty. Things we were working on he has now gotten better and Frosty continues to stick by my little guys side.
One of the issues Frosty had before is that he would guard my little guys food. Would make sure everyone would "leave it" (even empty plates at times) but would jump at the chance to NOT "leave it" himself like if my little guy would walk away from his food. Now he does so much better in that area. I often can walk up to my son when he has his plate and Frosty doesn't act all possessive of his food or plate. He still has his days but not nearly as much.
Frosty continues to be a superb dog as he sticks by my now 7 year old son who has T1 diabetes. Where ever my son is he is usually close by. In fact when my son is not there, Frosty will whine for him. This past summer we went on a vacation without Frosty. Frosty stayed home with my husband. He whined and whined for my little guy. He missed his bud.
Here is a picture of Frosty looking for his best bud. I had come home without my little guy which was unusual. He was visiting some friends. Frosty just kept looking and waiting for his bud to come through the door. Frosty was disappointed. LOL
Hope you enjoyed my update and hope to share many more posts as I get back to sharing and training. Thanks for stopping by Simply Superb Dog :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Alert Ignored?!

So yesterday Frosty alerted me to check my little mans BG. His blood glucose was high. So gave my little man an insulin correction. Great job Frosty for getting my attention!! Then a little bit later Frosty started trying to get my attention again. He didn't want to go out. I am like I know I know his his BG is high. Since he was given insulin his high was being taken care of. So I didn't check BG again and was like good dog, good dog I know his BG is high. He continued to try and get my attention. I just ignored him. Finally he stopped trying to get my attention. A couple minutes later my little man said I don't feel very well. I checked my little mans BG and it was 51... he was low!! If I had of checked when Frosty was alerting instead of assuming it was the high BG from before I would have 'caught before his BG got to 51. Next time will check his BG and NOT ignore. This even made Frosty give up on getting my attention which I don't want when it comes to alerts to my little mans BG's. Thanks for stopping by Simply Superb Dog :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Calm

Okay so one of Frosty's not so good behavior is he tends to guard my little guys food. If he has food Frosty will hardly let you get near him. Though I am happy to say I am seeing so many improvements. I have gotten close to my little man a few times while he was eating today and Frosty stayed calm. So many "good calm" said to Frosty and treats given for such good behavior. Next I will work with him when the little guy is eating something really meaty and flavorful and have a high value treat ready for Frosty's "good calm" Remember if you have issues with your dog there is more than likely a way to change the behavior with positive reinforcement and redirecting your dogs behavior that is good for everyone involved. For me I am remembering Triple P. Positive reinforcement, patients, and perseverance. I am finding these three things are the key. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I Learned Today During Frosty's Training Session

The kind of treats and hand gestures do make a difference. This morning I was trying to get Frosty to "lay down" and he just wouldn't do it. I got him to do it once before a few days ago but couldn't seem to get him to do it this morning. I remember hearing from various trainers to change up the treats. Also to use some favorites for harder tricks. I guess this one was a harder trick for Frosty or he just didn't care to do that one. Anyway I bought some other treats. Then started working with Frosty again. He still didn't seem to get it but did seem much more eager. Then I held my hand different than previous times. Kind like how you hold your hand for the game, rock paper scissors. I brought my hand down and said "lay down" and he did it, he did it. LOL I now know what his sign for lay down is. We did that over and over again and even did some "roll overs". I also learned to spread out the training session or else they will be like what ever. With full bellies of treats they just aren't going to work so hard and will lose interest. Well that is all for today. Frosty had a busy day of alerting and training. Time for bed :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Accomplishment

Frosty and our Little Bear tolerating each other...this is AMAZING! :)
These guys did NOT get along. Often had to separate the two. They are now able to be around each other more and more.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello and Good-Night :)

Hello so here we are with this weeks training plan. So important.. It is so important to train with your dogs everyday especially if you want him to be a service dog. Though any dog and his family would benefit. Positive training helps the dog do something with there energy that is rewarding for both the dog and human. When we bring a dog in our homes we can't expect them to be like humans but we can teach them things that make it NOT like we are all living in a barn. Working on turning this barn into a home for us all :) We can become irritated with are pets behavior a lot of times it is no fault to the dog they are simply being a dog. If we decide to have a pet we need to take the time to train them how to behave. Even just a little bit of time, a day can go a long way. I must say I have NOT always spent each and every day training with Frosty. Life does happen and there are just times where we are pulled away with other tasks at hand. Just our normal busy daily schedules and then the unexpected like a family member passing away or a family member becoming ill can really slow our progress. Thankfully we can pick back up when we can and when it is best for our family All we need to do is pick back up where we left off. That is what I am doing now really going to get back to training and DAILY.One thing that is a must to keep at is teaching Frosty NOT to guard my little mans food. When he is eating you can't come near him without Frosty growling or coming at you. Then we will also work on something just for fun for this week. So two things I will be working on... One Food (bad) behavior What I am doing is I sit next to my little guy while he is snacking with treats in my hand. When I do this Frosty doesn't guard my little guys food. I treat Frosty as we sit. I will do this everyday for maybe around 10 days. Then some time after that will try and sit by my son without a treat when he is eating and see how Frosty does. I will try and report how it goes. For fun I plan on "capturing" something he does already. He often bows or stretches. I taught a previous service dog we had (Shiloh) to bow on command. I too plan on teaching Frosty to do the same. As soon as I see Frosty bow I will treat her and eventually saying the word then to make the command. Frosty will love this because that means more treats, treat, treats :) One thing I have never stopped doing is working those alerts. Frosty does great and I know that she will just continue to do better and better as time goes on. I will let you know how things progress.... Thanks for stopping by Simply Superb Dogs Frosty and the little man says good-night :)